Saturday, June 30, 2012

We are alittle obsessed with our lawn...

Never did I think we would turn into those people that spend their weekends and a fortune on keeping their lawn beautiful. The day has come.

This is definately a large task and not something that you finish and are done with. Pretty much a lifetime commitment... So while Ryan's been playing around with the best way to trap gophers and moles I've been figuring out how to get dog urine spots fixed. How urine can burn grass is beyond me!

I've ripped out all the dead grass, reseeded, and watered. Come on, no one can constantly do this, it would drive a girl crazy! Then one day while wondering the aisles of PetsMart I can across these dog biscuits.

I didn't believe they would work but I figured it was worth a try, and the dogs needed some treats anyways. They are a bit more spendy than normal treats so I decided to give the dogs each half of one everyday. What happened? No more burn spots! Seriously. We recently ran out and I never found time to buy some more. We now have burn spots again. Ugh!

Never again will I let myself run out of these magical treats, it's just not worth it. Now me, Ryan, and the dogs will all be happy.

I hope everyone has fun weekend and doesn't spend all their time working on their lawn.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Patio Door Completed

We finally made some more progress on the finishing touches of our kitchen. I have been searching for months and months and months for a patio door curtain that was the right color, width, and price and with the lovely help from Pinterest I found it. You wouldn't believe where; LTD Commodities! Seriously. I'm not usually a fan of their products but this time they came through. I was able to get a shear curtain in the color I needed for only $20 plus shipping.

The best part about it is when its closed you can still see outside. We have a lot of privacy here so we don't have to worry about neighbors looking in on us while there sitting in their living room. It does distort the view though just in case a passerby does try to peer in. So when we first started shopping around for a curtain rod I had my mind set on black. Of course, that was the hardest task ever. Only brushed bronze, no black. That was when my Ryan pointed out some wood curtain rods at Lowe's. We picked out the Allen Roth collection and it worked absolutely perfectly for our dining room.

Other than that, I've been crawling around my yard taking photos of the dogs so I can hopefully get some framed and up on the wall soon. Who says you can't frame photos of your dogs?

Here's Murphy

And here's Windsor

And I thought my dogs weren't photogenic. Silly me.