Monday, December 10, 2012

Bring Christmas Outside!

Not only do I love Christmas lights, I also love to see a festive house during daylight. Plus, when one has a white house after a blizzard it can tend to blend in with it's surroundings. Trying to avoid a bunch of tacky plastic yard decorations I decided to use some good old fashioned wreaths. My inspiration...

So I ran to Menards and bought the cheapest/expensive looking wreaths. $10 bucks a piece.

And then some $1 bows.

Just wire those bows onto the wreaths and whollah!

We have wood window frames so I just put a nail in the middle of each one. SUPER easy! I've been waiting for a good snow storm to show them off and what do you know. We have well over a foot!

Here's some more sun!

Over to the garage. We have plant hooks and I have been having a hard time the past two years figuring out what to put on those darn things. Menards had exactly what I wanted! Stockings!!

I love them!

I'm going to stay in for the rest of the day now. Brrrr!