Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Kitchen Project...Finished

The kitchen remodel is final finished! What a pain! This whole project seriously took way more work than I thought it would take but I am definitely glad we did it. It feels like a brand new house now. Now here is the kitchen before. This picture was actually from the listing when our house was up for sale.

Here it is after!
This is what we did:

1.       New appliances, including a built in microwave (gotta save counter space!)

2.     Installed a dishwasher

3.       Light fixtures

4.       Added a peninsula with new countertops

5.       Replaced old hinges and added pulls on all the cabinets and drawers

6.       Updated kitchen faucet

7.       Used beadboard as a backsplash

8.       Painted trim to match the rest of the house, Behr Creamy White

9.       Beadboard is painted Behr Country Beige and the walls are painted Behr Cornsilk

 Here’s a close up of the kitchen sink area.

Our dining room before.

Dining room after.
There is a ton of finishing touches to do to personalize the space but right now I am taking a break from the kitchen. The only thing that’s going to happen in there these next few months is baking and cooking. Now about that bathroom...