Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Garage With Personality

I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in forever! The reason being is that there hasn’t been much for projects around here over the cold months. My husband is in construction so when he’s not working I then have to stop working on making my house my dream house. Now don’t get too excited, we haven’t started doing anything big yet but we are definitely working on some improvements. There wasn’t much time last summer for us to work on the outside of our house so we are hoping to tackle a ton more of that this year. Including a vegetable garden! Well, we are going to get the garden ready for next year. Sorry, no veggies this year guys. This is what we are thinking of, more to come about that later...

One thing that has bugged Ryan about our house since the day we signed the closing papers is a dented garage door. Not sure how it was dented but the bottom panel needed to be replaced. Since we were improving the look of the garage I figured we might as well add some character. Our garage is so bland it almost looks like a storage unit. I’ve always like the look or carriage garage doors but there is no room in our budget for that L.

After searching around on Pinterest for a different idea I came across a blog post on 320 Sycamore. Melissa explained how she updated her garage to have the carriage door look, so I followed her instructions and went straight to eBay to order my supplies.

This is a horrible before picture of our garage from when we bought it. Sometimes I just get so excited to update stuff I forget to take those super important pictures. But now you have and idea of how boring they looked.

 So after attaching the new hardware and spray painting my plant hooks to match I have a garage with some personality! All for only $50!

Now I cannot wait to get some hanging flowers to really see the finished product.

Come on warm weather!