Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bathroom Update: Tub & Shower

I'm so excited to share our most recent update to our bathroom. Yes, this remodel is going to happen in steps but my goal is to have it all done by Christmas. Sounds like a reasonable expectation to me. If you remember from my earlier post 10 Thing I Hate About My Bathroom I had some bad things to say about our tub and shower. Everything from the color, to the shower mechanics, to the fact it leaked into our laundry room every time we took a shower made this one of my least favorite parts of the room.

Notice that their also wasn't much for storage space. Yeah, I know there's only the two of us, but some of us need alot of products in the shower, don't judge. If you look closely you can see that we needed a plug to take a bath. For some reason the plug in the tub never quite worked right from the time we moved in.

The most important thing to me was to be certain that whichever new tub we put in would be deep enough. That's all! We went back and forth between getting a regular store bought shower surround or doing tile. Finally we spotted a really nice looking shower and tub combo at Menards for half the price as one we had our eye on at Home Depot. Less work and less money... We'll take it!

Ahhhh, I could look at this all day. You wouldn't believe what goes into putting in a new tub and shower. Because the tub is wider and it was deeper all of the plumbing had to be adjusted. On top of that we had to redo the sheetrock all the way around the shower to build it back in. I didn't even think of that.

I am so grateful for my dad and Ryan for working there butts off this weekend to get this in. I did the priming, painting, and cleaning after the fact so don't give me much credit.

We've still got a long way to go in the bathroom but this was a huge part of it. What's next on the list? We're waiting for our new vanity to be delivered. Another built-in fiasco!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Patio Buffet + Storage!

I don't know about you, but I really struggle when it comes to entertaining out on our deck. I feel like all I'm doing is going in and out, in and out, grabbing this and grabbing that. Then when we're not outside grilling, our grill tools are taking up so much room in my drawers I can hardly close them sometimes. Then one day I came across the Organizing Made Fun blog where she turned a dresser into a patio buffet.

And wouldn't you know it, I just happened to have a dresser that I wasn't using that fits perfectly on my deck! So I moved it downstairs to my workshop (our unfinished sunroom) and got to work.

This was a dresser I got for free that I painted a pinkish purple a few years ago to match a quilt in our guestroom. I wanted to paint it black to match my newly painted shutters and I had plenty of paint leftover.

Luckily the hardware I bought from the previous redo looks perfect with the new paint job. Next I wanted to get a decal for our last name just like she did in her blog. I found ours on (I would tell you the shop but I wasn't really impressed with them, I had to cut some pieces off when I opened the package.)

Now that the decal was on I used a spray polyurethane to seal everything.The one I found was meant to be used on outdoor items to protect it from the sun and rain.

Next I wanted to add some corkboard drawer liners in the three drawers. This will keep everything from sliding around when the drawers are opened (they are kind of old in sticky) and when we move it around.

Lastly, we added wheels on the bottom on the legs and handles on the sides so it'll be easy to move from one side of the deck to another. Plus, also easier to wheel into the garage before winter.

The first most exciting part of this whole thing is we now have a place to set all of our food to serve when we grill. There just isn't enough room on our patio table for that and eating. 
The second, and most important is storage!

From grilling tools to can koozies, and paper plates to bottle openers this unit will take care of all of our entertaining needs. I'm really excited to keep plastic ware and paper plates in here too! I'm still working on finding plastic bins to put those in just to make doubly sure they stay dry after a good rain.

I hope I've inspired you to take your organizing outside too! Totally worth it.