Sunday, November 25, 2012

Master Bedroom

There really isn't many rooms in my house that I would consider finished. Something always seems to bother me that I need to have fixed or updated before I want to show it off. I have finally finished our master bedroom though. I don't have much for before pictures besides what it looked like when we bought it.

Before we even moved in we replaced the carpet with laminate wood floors and painted.

Our full length mirror addition.

Then I did my picture frame project.

I just wasn't feeling it was right after I completed this project. After some thinking I decided the bed needed to be moved under the window. However, the window is not as wide as the bed. To Pinterest I went and saw this amazing illustration.

I figured I could just make my window look big enough. So I extended the rods out and put them up a bit higher, then bought some $10 cream curtain panels from Target!

Needed some charecter on the sides of the window so I used some metal plant hooks from Menards and some lanterns I found at Pier One.

Here's where our dressers are now.

It seems so much more cozy and comfortable now.

Where are the oval frames you ask? I found an even better spot for them on the wall in our stairway.

So happy that our bedroom is now officially complete. When we have a million other projects going on in the house I can just go hide and there and forget about all of it.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Dog Bath Issue

Since we became dog owners we have always had a hose type shower. It may not be the prettiest thing in the world but it make giving the dogs a bath a breeze and cleaning the shower is not so bad either. You can see it here.

So when we put in the new shower and new bath fixtures we just couldn't bring outselves to put that ugly thing in when it can look at fancy like it is now.

A few days after we put the new stuff in the dogs needed their bath. What a nightmare! I don't know how people do it. A cup, seriously, you rinse them with a cup of water! Sorry friends but this does not work for me. And, I don't see a special dog bath being installed any time in the near future.

Anytime I feel like I need to invent something new, I go to the internet and discover that someone already invented it so to Google I went. Instantly I found my solution.

Yay fot the Pet Shower Sprayer! It easily pops on and off when needed so no one even has to know that you have a top of the line dog bath. It's even more convenient than that ugly thing we had before because there's a control button on the sprayer to turn and off and off when needed without having to mess with the shower faucet. Life changer for $22!