Sunday, February 10, 2013

Living Room You Want To Be In

Since moving into our house over two years ago the focus hasn't been much on actual decorating or useful spaces, it's really been more focused on updating the bones of the house. Walls, fixtures, broken things... This led us to the point of neglecting important things like a living room you actually want to be in. I made small updates for our small front living room to make it more homey but for some reason we never wanted to be in there and when company came over you could tell it just wasn't an inviting space.

The furniture was too large for the room and it just didn't flow. I decided it was time for a makeover. We needed new furniture. Our coffee table was borrowed from my parents, one lamp was on a nightstand and the other on a plant stand. Seeing that this is the first room you see when you enter our home I made this a priority.

Furniture shopping is sooooo stressful! We finally made a decision at FurnitureMart/Ashley Furniture in Elk River, MN. Great prices and great selection!

After patiently waiting for our furniture to be delivered I ran to HomeGoods for a rug (honestly never bought an area rug before).
Once that was decided I ventured to Target to chose the perfect window treatments for our space. At one point I had five different curtains hanging up at one time. I just couldn't make a decision until the furniture was actually in the room. Once it came it was decided!
Now I'm proud to say it is all put together!

You want to come in and sit down now don't ya?

Ryan even talked me into replacing our old TV. We've officially gotten rid of every box TV in the house.

Check out our extra seating from under the coffee table. Our small room can now sit 7 people!

I never realized how big and bulky our old furniture was. We were able to fit end tables in on both sides of our couch. I can keep my magazines in easy reach now.

Our photos were still put to use too! I worried that my photo frame project was a waste but no worries here. Just alittle rearranging needed.

I love that I was able to move some of my pretty books out into this space.

Since there's a blizzard here today I'm staying inside and may just work on a few things around here I've been putting off. This living room project immediately following the bathroom makeover really burnt me out. Trying to take things slow for now and enjoy the beauty of winter and no yard work.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Bathroom Reveal

This has been a long time coming and I'm finally ready to reveal our newly remodeled bathroom! Remember my post about the 10 Things I Hate About My Bathroom? Well, I now love everything about my bathroom! Ta da!

Funny thing is that I left the spindles. Can you believe it?

They don't really look so bad now that everything else is so pretty. I might just embrace their cottagey charm. We will see.

The lady at Home Depot didn't like my idea for my backsplash. Well, look at this lady. In your face!

We decided to just replace the vanity rather than refinishing the old one. So glad we did!

Then we caved and bought the matching cabinet for over the toilet. Best decision since we only have a mirror over the vanity, not a medicine cabinet.

The mirror is the same mirror that we've always had hanging, I just painted it white to match everything else. Looks like a whole new mirror!

And of course we replaced the flooring with this beautiful ceramic tile.

Here's a closer look.

Now, I know I've already showed off the shower, however, there's been some more additions there. A shower light (so we can actually see now) and a new shower curtain.
I'm loving the little details too. The new vanity light fixture, bath hardware, and new art!

I even got myself a new clock since I accidentally broke the old one moving it around so many times. Oops!

Last but certainly now least is my most practical idea. Putting an outlet inside the vanity cabinet! Now the electric toothbrush and shaver don't need to be charging on my countertop anymore. Yay!

Now, I can take credit for the designing of all of these updates, and of course for painting, but my dad is the real talent here.  He did everything from the electrical, to plumbing, to the tile work. Amazing job! If you are in the North Metro area and would like him to tackle a project in your home I can send him your way!