Saturday, January 21, 2012

Splash of Blue!

Ok, I haven’t been able to pull myself out of the kitchen yet, there are just so many details and I’m really obsessed with giving rooms personality. I’ve decided to add acouple punches of color to the room to keep it fun and colorful. Since there’s already blue in the floor I decided to run with that. I started with this white pitcher that I picked up at IKEA one day with no particular use in mind. Then ran over to Michael’s and grabbed a bunch of blue hydrangeas (fake of course) and stuck them in. Pretty easy for such a great look!

Next project I needed to put alittle more effort into. While I was pinning like crazy on Pinterest the other day I came across the most brilliant idea. DIY fabric covered roller shades! I have never purchased fabric in my life and the only thing I know how to sew is a button but this only required fabric glue. After spending two hours at Joann’s Fabrics looking at every piece of fabric that had any blue in it I FINALLY made a decision. I followed the tutorial and as you can see it turned out amazing! I can’t believe I actually did this.

One thing that I will be sure to do in the future is buy the heavy duty shades. I bought the medium weight ones and the spring just isn’t strong enough to roll up the extra weight of fabric. It is fine with me considering I wasn’t planning to pull this shade down anyways, I was looking for more of a valance look, but for my other windows I will definitely be using heavy duty.

I'm really trying to focus on personalizing our home lately. My new obsession is to hang more photos around the house of our wedding, dogs, etc. More to come...