Monday, August 13, 2012

10 Things I Hate About My Bathroom

We're getting close to two years in our house and the only thing we have done to our main bathroom is get a new toilet. The only reason we even got a new toilet was because the one that was here had a crack in it. The bathroom makeover has been long overdue and we are finally going to start tackling it this Fall. We're just trying to finish up some tinier and cheaper projects while we save money to do so. In the meantime I am going to gag everytime I have to go in there (which is multiple times a day of course.)

1. Spindles - Yeah, we painted them white along with the rest of the trim but they definitely need to go. My mom goes, "We had these same spindles in our trailer in Oklahoma back in 1983." I've got a few ideas on what to replace them with but if anyone has any suggestions do not hesitate to speak up!

2. Sink and Faucet - The sink is that nasty tan color that also sports a nice rusty spot. My faucet gets to leave on that rusty spot all day unless I use my entire weight to tighten knob.

3. Bath Fan - Not only does it look hideous, it also sounds like a jet is taking off everytime you turn it on.

4. Heat Vent - Yeah, it's an easy fix to just pick up one but these shopping lists pile up! It rattles all winter when the heat is on and there's about 5 different colors on paint sprinkled on it from the previous homeowners.

5. Flooring - If I puked on it it might look better.

6. Lighting - The light likes to flicker on and off periodically even if you just put a light bulb in. Also, the light doesn't shine towards the shower so it's a dark cave when you are showering. Maybe put a light in the shower too?

7. Shower and Tub - Ugh, such an ugly color. Plus, I would also like to fit my entire body under the water during a bath. Thanks.

8. Bath Faucet - Not only is it the most confusing shower ever, the knobs are so hard to turn I sometimes have to use a towel to get a good grip.

9. Hardware - These are just so industrial. I need some character too please.

10. Vanity - Not only is it super faded oak, but it doesn't have any hardware. Surprise, surprise. On top of that its not the biggest vanity in the world so the insides need an organizational overhaul.

There you have it. I finally revealed our ugly bathroom.  I'm embarressed but happy to finally let it out. I've been compiling some inspiration that I'm really excited to share soon.

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  1. Paint the cabinets and add hardware!